Knapsack Health

What is Knapsack health?

 Knapsack Health is the vehicle that individuals and families use to maintain their health histories and records now and in the future.

 Knapsack Health is:

Personal Health Records 

for individuals, caretakers and family units

A Storage Container

for healthcare documentation  

A Medical Expense Tracker 

that documents all medical expenses for tax and budgeting purposes

A Travel Tool

 that translates the user’s medical information into any language for emergent medical needs

A Messaging System

 for users to send their records safely and securely to whom they chose



  • A complete medical history stored securely on your mobile device (Cloud Server and Application are HIPPAA compliant)
  • Ability to add up to 9 additional users (10 records total!)
  • Track medical expenses for tax purposes
  • Store additional health related documentation, visit summaries, lab results, diagnostic tests, etc
  • Translate record for international travel
  • Message your record (PDF) safely and securely with password protected encryption

for providers

  • Free Application for Providers which streamlines front office registration workflow
  • Produces a complete medical history for patient
  • Obtains Demographics and Insurance Information
  • Enlists Practice in a growing network that will give access to additional tools

Your Security

Are my medical records secure in Knapsack? 

Knapsack is an application on your smart device and has a cloud storage service for your medical history that is HIPAA compliant. We employ the most up to date security enhancements for iOS and Android devices. Please see the User Agreement.

Who can see my medical record? 

Only the individuals and institutions you choose to share your record with. 

Does Knapsack sell my health information? 

Knapsack will not sell any individuals specific health information. 

Additional information

Please refer to the Privacy Policy for any additional security questions  

Additional information can be found in the User Agreement.

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