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Knapsack Health is the vehicle that individuals and families use to maintain their health histories and records now and in the future. Knapsack is designed to capture all relevant medical information for each family unit, individual and caretaker who needs a safe and secure mobile application that travels with the user on their smartphone or tablet. Knapsack is an organic application that will grow with the Healthcare Industry, implementing new technologies catered to build a more complete and concise record for its’ users. Knapsack is built for the consumers and will grow and change in order to meet the consumer’s needs. Thus, Knapsack is an individual company not beholden to any other institution. By building an application for the people, maintained by the people and driven by the people’s demands, we believe we have built what will end up being the “People’s Choice” of Personal Health Records. This emerging marketplace is calling for a leader, Knapsack is heeding the call.


Download the app

Knapsack Personal Health Records Application is available for iOS and Android devices. Please visit your device store here. 

Questions and Answers


Are my medical records secure in Knapsack? 

Knapsack is an application on your smart device and has a cloud storage service for your medical history that is HIPAA compliant. We employ the most up to date security enhancements for iOS and Android devices. Please see User Agreement here (insert hyper link).

Who can see my medical record? 

Only the individuals and institutions you choose to share your record with.  

Does Knapsack sell my health information? 

Knapsack will not sell any individuals specific health information.  

Additional information 

Please refer to the Privacy Policy for any additional security questions  

Additional information can be found in the User Agreement below.


User Agreement

Knapsack – User Agreement (TOS) (pdf)