Providers need a partner that will put them first.

The average independent medical practice spends 30-40% of their practice’ overhead on IT Services and having staff chase down results or other medical records from referring providers.

That is why we are building applications and tools that Practices can use to optimally run their practices as well as streamline all communications with their patient population.

We believe that empowering patients to “own” their medical history while developing applications to assist medical offices so they can run efficiently and smoothly is the winning combination for a better doctor/patient relationship in the future.

Built today, with plans for tomorrow


  • Provide a Covid-19 Screening Tool
  • Streamline front office registration workflow
  • Produce a complete medical history for patient
  • Obtains Demographics and Insurance Information


  • Automatically retrieve patient results from Laboratories and Diagnostic Centers

  • Communication and scheduling tool for the Provider’s patient population

  • Communication and file sharing tool for Providers and their referring practices

  • More to come with direct feedback from our Medical Provider Partners

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