Our Team

Betsey is the former Arizona Secretary of State and most recently appointed President Emeritus for Valleywise Health. She is assisting the Knapsack Team build relationships with Federal and State agencies as well as providing oversight and strategy to the Knapsack Leadership Team.

Betsey Bayless (Advisor)

Mike is a technology leader, innovator and transformation specialist with extensive talent for bridging healthcare operations and technology. He is experienced in strategic and operational planning, improving and aligning service delivery to organizational goals, and realizing returns on investments. Mike is assisting with the roll out plan as well as fostering existing relationships throughout the Healthcare ecosphere.

Mike Totherow (Advisor)

David is a veteran of the US Army with 30 years of operational, privacy, security, and technology Leadership experience. David has served in multiple roles (COO, CISO and Chief Architect) for various Healthcare Organizations. David is helping shape the technical and security requirements in order to ensure Knapsack Health’s HIPAA, State and Federal Compliance

David Spitzer (Advisor)

Sharon is the former Vice President of Strategy and Collaboration for Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC). Sharon was responsible for providing development, direction and support for all SHIEC Committees, national collaborative projects, education and webinar coordination and member services. Sharon is assisting Knapsack Health’s Interoperability Partnerships with State run Health Information Exchanges.

Sharon Muscatell (Advisor)

Experienced Technical Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Objective C, Swift, ReactNative, C++, ASP.NET AJAX, Java, .NET Framework, and JavaScript. Strong engineering professional with a Master of Computer Applications - MCA. Performed multiple roles for clients including, Technical Lead, Project Manager, System Architect, Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Vineet Patidar (Technical Project Manager)

Lance is the CEO of CommonWealth Primary Care ACO. Lance is helping lead the ACO movement in Arizona giving Providers their best opportunity to flourish and grow their practices. Lance is helping Knapsack Health define its’ Medical Practice Acquisition strategy as well as explore Medicare and Medicaid business opportunities.

Lance Donkerbrook (Advisor)

Hagay is currently serving in the role as CSIO, overseeing the quality assurance and security systems management for Knapsack Health. He has been in the entrepreneurial space for the last 15 years building businesses from the ground floor to acquisition. 

Hagay Hazan (Co-Founder / Advisor)

My name is Charles and I want to tell you why I started Knapsack Health. The problem is the public, patients, mothers, fathers, caretakers, etc, do not have a way to obtain the complete health history for themselves and their loved ones in any form, much less a convenient and easy to maintain/use. My father taught me growing up that if you see a problem you should fix it - if you can...I think this team can, one step at a time, one day at a time, one version at a time. I’m excited to have pulled this team together and to take on the issues that are currently plaguing independent providers and patients through the US. 

Charles Spannagel (Founder)

Jon Flatt is an award-winning entrepreneur & CEO who has built two large companies from the ground up. He is an expert at growing startups that may have limited resources and has a great understanding of the specific areas of focus that need to be executed at each stage of growth. Jon is guiding the Knapsack Team through their fundraising efforts.  

Jon Flatt (Advisor)