Solving Problems Together

Charles Spannagel

CEO & Founder

My name is Charles and I want to tell you why I started Knapsack Health. The problem is the public, patients, mothers, fathers, caretakers, etc, do not have a way to obtain the complete health history for themselves and their loved ones in any form, much less a convenient and easy to maintain/use. My father taught me growing up that if you see a problem you should fix it – if you can…I think this team can, one step at a time, one day at a time, one version at a time. I’m excited to have pulled this team together and to take on the issues that are currently plaguing independent providers and patients through the US.

As a Personal Health Record Authority, I have been working in the Healthcare IT field for 15 years implementing mobile applications and software systems for both Healthcare Organizations and Medical Practices.

Bharat Patel, CTO/CPO

Bharat Patel

CTO/CPO & Founder

I joined Knapsack Health to help deliver a patient experience that is inclusive for all humans.  As a first-generation American, I remember vividly playing the role of a translator for my parents during doctors visits and it highlighted the importance of making healthcare accessible in the patient’s language. 

As a technology and CX leader with 24 years in technology (5 years in Healthcare) architecting, designing, building and deploying platforms and products with a servant-leader mindset, I am focused on building highly effective agile teams.  Our team is focused on reducing barriers for patient engagement and management of their own health.  With our mindset of service, we want to help solve this challenging problem.


Brittni Abiolu

Chairwoman & Advisor

I’m an entrepreneur who helps entrepreneurs! I’m also an investor and advisor with nearly two decades of experience helping aspiring entrepreneurs start new businesses, obtain capital, acquire new customers, and get connected to the resources they need to build sustainable companies.

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